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Austin Jail Release Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Someone Out of Austin Travis County Jail?

Chances are you may have never been to jail before or been on the receiving end of a phone call from someone who has. However, we have been through this process hundreds of times and have the experience needed to guide you through the process and to help get your friend or loved released from jail. To get started on the release of your loved one, contact an experienced Travis County Jail release attorney at (512) 476-4626.

How Long Does It Take To Be Released From Jail?

This is by far the most common concern for both our clients in the Travis County Jail and their friends or family members trying to get them released. The simple answer is that there is no set period of time that a person will spend in jail before being released. Why is this? First, a person has to be booked into the jail and all internal documentation has to be turned in and completed. Depending upon various factors at the jail, including the number of people in jail that have recently been arrested, it could easily be later the next day until somone can be released.

Is There a Way to Speed Up The Process?

The goods news is that in most circumstances, a lawyer can get someone out of jail much quicker and for less cost than a person who does not call a lawyer. How is this possible? Attorneys licensed in the State of Texas are able to meet with the client in jail, gather the necessary background checks, fill out the necessary paperwork, and can meet with a judge to request release. As attorneys, we can push our client's case to the front of the line, speak with a judge and make sure that our client's cases are given personal attention.

Please be aware that the person will likely be in custody for a minimum of 6 hours before he or she can be released and that it will usually take 4-6 hours for somebody to be released from jail once the judge orders a defendant released from Travis County Central Booking. However, having an attorney working on getting someone out of jail can make the process much quicker and as painless as possible.

What Does It Cost To Get Someone Out of Jail?

Our fee to get a client out of jail depends upon a number of factors, as no case or situation is the same. For example, in cases involving previous arrests, domestic violence, multiple charges or felonies, our fee may be higher because it requires more work to get someone out of jail compared to someone who's never been arrested before.

Based on our experience, we can usually give you a sense of what the anticipated fee will be and tell you what is needed to secure a clients release from jail. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards over the phone. In most cases, we can apply part or the entire jail release fee towards the legal fees in representing the accused in the criminal matter that led to the arrest if Kevin Bennett is retained for the criminal case.

Where is The Travis County Jail Located?


The Travis County Jail (TCJ) address is 500 W. 10th Street Austin, Texas 78701. The Travis County Jail phone number is (512) 854-9033. The Travis County Jail is located in downtown Austin on the corner of 10th Street and San Antonio. Detailed directions are available via Google Map.

The Travis County Correctional Complex ("Del Valle") is located at 3614 Bill Price Road Del Valle, Texas 78617. The phone number for the Travis County Correctional Complex is (512) 854-4180. The Travis County Correctional Complex is located just east of the Austin Airport. Detailed directions are available via Google Map.

Whether it's day or night or on the weekend, our phones are answered 24/7 to help secure the release of your friend or loved one from jail.

To get immediate help and to make this process as quick and painless as possible, call (512) 476-4626.

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