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Arrested in Austin, Texas for Assault?

One of the most common arrests in Austin Travis County is for assault or assault causing bodily injury to a family member (family violence). If you are trying to get someone released from jail in Austin or you know or someone you know has been arrested for assault or assault causing bodily injury to a family, contact Kevin Bennett at (512) 476-4626 to get immediate help and to make this process as quick and painless as possible.

Crimina Defense in an Assault Case

Assault and other violent offenses are taken very seriously in Austin, Texas, and when a Judge is considering release in a case, they will consider a defendant's prior criminal history, the nature of the allegations and whether a weapon was used in the assault.  Depending on who the alleged victim is in an assault case, a person could be charged with assault family violence and have certain conditions placed on their bail bond such as counseling or a restraining order.  If these conditions are not complied with, a defendant could have his or her bail bond revoked.                

Family Violence or Domestic Violence

Family violence and domestic violence charges are probably taken more seriously than any other misdemeanor charge in Texas.  An assault between family members, spouses, domestic partners, members of the same household, people involved in a relationship, the abuse is often referred to as "family violence." If you are being accused, arrested or charged with family violence, it is imperative that you contact an experienced Austin criminal lawyer immediately.

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