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Travis County Jail Release Information

Travis County Jail Release & Bail Bond Lawyer Kevin Bennett If you are trying to get someone out of the Travis County Jail, call now. Most criminal cases begin with the accused being arrested and taken to the Austin Jail. Getting out of jail is probably the most single most important first step a person [ Continue Reading… ]

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Austin Travis County Jail Release

Call (512) 476-4626 for Immediate Jail Release Assistance After someone is arrested in Travis County, Texas, the arresting officer files what is called a probable cause affidavit or police report outlining the criminal accusations against the person who has been arrested. At some point after this report is submitted to the Travis County Jail, a [ Continue Reading… ]

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Austin Jail and Booking Process

After someone has been arrested in Austin, Texas, they will be taken and booked into the Travis County Jail. The Travis County Jail is located 500 West 10th Street in downtown Austin. This is where all people arrested in Travis County are brought for booking and processing. Once booked into the jail, the inmate will [ Continue Reading… ]

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