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If you are trying to get someone out of the Travis County Jail, call now. Most criminal cases begin with the accused being arrested and taken to the Austin Jail. Getting out of jail is probably the most single most important first step a person can take after being arrested. The Law Office of Kevin Bennett can assist in getting a person released from jail. In Austin, we can often arrange for a person to be released on a Personal Recognizance or PR Bond 24 hours a day.

Travis County Jail Booking and Release Process

After someone has been arrested in Austin, Texas, they will then be transported and booked into the Travis County Jail. The booking process usually takes an hour or two depending on how many people have been arrested at any given time. At some point after the arrest, the arresting officer will submit a probable cause affidavit explaining why the officer had probable cause to believe a crime was committed by the individual. The submission of this affidavit can take up to 24 hours for a misdemeanor crime and 48 hours for a felony. A judge or magistrate reviews the probable cause affidavit and determines if probable cause existed to arrest a person. The magistrate then sets bail amount. In Travis County, a magistrate is on duty 24 hours a day and on the weekends. People usually see the judge (magistrate) within 12 hours of being arrested. An Austin attorney can expedite the process by waiving magistration. This allows the bail amount to be set sooner and a bond to be posted faster.

It is also during this time that Austin criminal defense lawyers can speak or meet with a person who has been arrested. A lawyer can get background information about the person accused of the crime and specific information about the situation. An office called Pre-Trial Services assists people in getting Personal Bonds. Pre-Trial Services will interview most people arrested in Travis County, and confirm the arrestee’s information and criminal history. Often times an attorney in Austin will work with Travis County Pre-Trial Services to provide complete information to the Pre-Trial Services office. In Travis County, it is not unusual for the attorney to then approach the magistrate about signing a personal bond to get someone out of jail.

Typically, an Austin bail bonds company will post a surety bail bond for roughly 10 to 15 percent of the total bail amount. In exchange for this fee, the Austin bail bond company insures an individual will appear in court until the criminal case has been resolved. If the person fails to return to court, the bail bond company owes Travis County the entire amount of the bail. Therefore, most Austin bail bond companies require additional individuals to act as sureties. These friends/family members are liable for the total bond amount if the person does not return to court. These bonds are referred to as Surety bonds. The main advantage of being released on a Personal Bond is saving the fee associated with Surety Bonds. The money paid to a lawyer for a jail release can oftentimes be applied to the attorney fees for the criminal case, which saves money. Additionally, if the bail bond was forfeited for any reason, the person that acted as the surety for the bail bondsman could be liable for the total bond amount.

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